When I was in school I had two favorite subjects, lunch and recess.           –Unknown

School Lunch Program

  • The lunches are prepared each morning in the Lucky 7 Catering's professional kitchen.

  • Each lunch is individually wrapped and labeled.

  • The lunches are delivered to your school 


Complete private school lunch services that offer customized menus and a simplified ordering system.  We take away the need for the school administration to collect and separate orders with our online ordering system.  Parents (or students!) place and pay for their order directly through our platform.  This also removes the requirement for orders to be placed days (or even weeks!) in advance.  Simply order by 11PM tonight for your lunch to be delivered tomorrow!  Of course, you can also schedule deliveries as much as 14 days in advance.

How it Works

  • To Order:

  • Go to School Lunch Order Portal or  head over  to

  • Create account in your child's name      

  • Select your School from the "Choose a Menu" Option

  • When placing order select “delivery”, add school’s address 

  • Deadline to order is 11 pm the night before and can be placed as much as two weeks in advance. 

If you are interested in bringing our well-balanced, tasty meals to your school, please email us. If you are a parent and would like to enjoy the benefits of our lunch program, please contact your school administrator. Ask them to make the Lucky 7 Lunch Program available at your school. Once the participating school has given approval, Lucky 7 Catering does all of the work.